Institutional UTS Adviser (IUTA)

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“Institutional UTS Adviser” or “IUTA” means a corporation registered with FIMM and authorised to market and distribute unit trust schemes of another party.

Registration of IUTA

Eligibility for registration of IUTA

Pursuant to FIMM’s Consolidated Rules,the eligibility requirements for registration as IUTA is a corporation which is:-

(1) A holder of a Capital Market Services License (“CMSL”) to carry out the regulated activity of dealing in securities or dealing in securities restricted to unit trust schemes ; or

(2) A financial institution specified as “registered persons” in Third Column under item (1)(g) part 1 of Schedule 4 of the Capital Market Services Act (“CMSA”).

Submission for Registration as IUTA

For submission of documentation for the application of registration as IUTA, please click here

Guidelines & Regulations and Fees

1) FIMM Consolidated Rules
2) Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct (Unit Trust Funds)
3) Registration Manual

IUTA Fee Structure

IUTA Application Fee

An application for registration must be accompanied by a non-refundable Application Fees of RM 1,325 (inculsive of GST 6%) and Annual Fees of RM 10,600 (inclusive of GST 6%)

IUTA Annual Fee

  • For IUTA which are Members: IUTA fee is not applicable
  • For IUTA which are not Members: IUTA Fee is correlated to the sales made by IUTA during the preceding year based on a prescribed scale
  • Minimum Annual IUTA Fee: RM10,600 ( inclusive of GST 6%)
  • The IUTA annual fee is payable in January of each year
  • IUTA Annual Fee is the total of:
    1. UTS Consultant Factor: RM53 (inclusive of GST 6%) per UTS consultant
    2. UTS Consultant Card Fee: RM3.18 (inclusive of GST 6%) per UTS Consultant, and
    3. IUTA Sales factor (below)
      Total Annual Sales Annual Fee (RM)
      A. sales < 250 mil 10,000
      RM 250 mil ≤ A. sales < RM 500 mil 20,000
      RM 500 mil ≤ A. sales < RM 1,000 mil 40,000
      RM 1,000 mil ≤ A. sales < RM 2,000 mil 60,000
      RM 2,000 mil and above 80,000

      All fees quoted above are subject to GST of 6%

  • The above Sales factor is subject to the following:
    Fund Category Particulars Sales Factor
    Normal load funds Include normal-load funds that are charging maximum front-end and/or back-end charges of 3% and above, such as equity funds and mixed asset funds 100%
    Low load funds Include low-load funds that are charging maximum front-end and/or back-end charges of less than 3%
    such as fixed-income or bond funds and capital guaranteed/protected funds
    No-load funds Include no-load funds such as money market funds and other funds that are not imposing any front-end and/or back-end charges 0%
  • The number of category as well as the threshold (sales levy) for respective category are subject to annual revision by the Board of Directors.
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